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Not now, later. Here, not there. Problem? Sorted out!

This is Digitimer

Digitimer is a comprehensive solution in terms ofsafety,check Point and access, which works with all branches being business or residential.

Digitimer has been bringing technology to Brazil that allows you to control wherever you are, and use them as if you were there.

About Us

With over 13 years of experience throughout Brazil

DIGITIMER, with the objective of becoming a reference in the point and access control market, especially with regard to specialized technical assistance, capable of meeting the needs of companies with regard to the maintenance of their equipment and point systems. , was founded in 2007 by an electronics technician and a teacher, graduated in mathematics in a small office of 20 m².



Technical support

Our technical, support professionals are all trained and qualified by the system developer to provide the best support.

Technical assistance

Our technical professionals are all trained and qualified by the manufacturer to provide the best Time Clock Maintenance and Technical Assistance.


You are in good company!

We are a family owned and operated business.

Digitimer created for small, medium and large companies.
+3,500 companies trust Digitimer


Check out some testimonials

You are grade 10. Thank you for your help, within the time frame I needed and within my expectations. This partnership will be a long-standing one for sure. I felt great there and I want to be able to be with you whenever possible and necessary. I wish to congratulate the entire Digitimer team.

- Gabriela Nascimento



Leave your name and phone number and we will contact you.
It will be an immense pleasure to get to know your company and with our solutions present the best in the market.


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QS 05 Praça AC 02 Lots 5 and 6 Room 301 Ed. Quântico, Av. Águas Claras - Águas Claras,

Brasilia - DF, 71961-800

We are a family owned and operated business.

Opening Hours:

08:00 to 12: 00h - 13:15 to 18: 00h

from Monday to Friday

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